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Why does a commercial client, photographer or production agency hire a makeup artist/stylist?


The art of makeup is a very specific skill and an essential part of any video or photoshoot. A professional makeup artist is trained in different makeup techniques that show the actors and essentially the client in the most professional and polished way. Professional makeup artists use HD products that are formulated to look best in all different lighting situations and environments. Artists collaborate with the creative director, videographer and talent to ensure the shoot flows seamlessly and the appropriate looks are achieved.
An actor's first introduction on a shoot is by the makeup artist. The artist's job is to make sure the talent is confident and comfortable enough to give the director the best shots possible. A makeup artist's job on set is to watch and adjust hair, makeup and wardrobe which gives the director and videographer the freedom to concentrate on getting the perfect shots. Many times the makeup artist will act as “wardrobe” selecting the clothing and accessories for the actors to wear making sure they look great on video and are not clashing with the background or other actors. Makeup artists are an invaluable extra set of eyes and play an essential role in giving you the best video and print to represent your brand!

Should you always hire a makeup artist?

If your project includes having people on screen and you want it to be the best that it can be, then yes. 

What if we’re only shooting men?

It is extremely important to have a makeup artist when shooting men. The intense lighting sometimes used for video shoots requires anti shine balm, powder, light foundation for red uneven skin and color corrector for dark under eyes. A high forehead or receding hairline can easily look like a shiny bowling ball and give a very unprofessional look to your final product. Men also may need additional grooming including shaping bushy eyebrows, trimming facial hair, hairstyling or assisting with a close shave.

A professional makeup artist is an integral part of the production crew working together to achieve the best results for a client. I have done commercial and production makeup for over 10 years and know the substantial difference I can make working with you. Please contact me today to get a quote on your upcoming project.

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