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Whether you're tired of doing your makeup the same way for however many years or ready to begin learning about makeup!
You're in the right place!

I once developed elaborate makeup classes earlier in my career. We would spend hours discussing trends and training on different techniques with soooo many products and multiple looks... Makes me tired just thinking about it. Haha!

As I have gotten older... now mother of three, running a household and business, I realize very few people want to spend an hour doing their makeup every day, if at all! 

You just want to look your best with minimal effort right?! Like you got some sleep and magically

found that youthful glow your skin lost somewhere along the way?  ME TOO! Lets GO!

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I specialize in custom color theory and simple anti-aging techniques to get the most from your makeup.
AND it's also a lot of
FUN! :)
Ready to get started!

We can have a private lesson together, you can bring a friend or BOOK A MAKEUP PARTY (up to 6)

All lessons are booked by time. 
$200 for 2 hours (min)
$75/hr for additional.

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