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At this point I am falling in love with Arbonne. Their products are botanical based, cruelty free, vegan and actually work beautifully!

I have tried Arbonne in the past and liked their skincare but the cosmetics line was just not up to par. BUT in 2016 Arbonne has revamped it's cosmetics line COMPLETLEY. They now even have pro products including Opti-Light Technology Foundations that work beautifully for bridal and media production. Their eyeshadows come in pans perfect for pros and lipsticks that are creamy, highly pigmented, smell amazing and soften your lips. And these are cosmetic products that are healthy for you and improve your skin instead of irritating or causing breakouts. Complete game changer! I know Arbonne is a high end brand developed in Switzerland and has been around since 1975 but this year with their new cosmetic line I am more than excited to be a part of their company. Especially with so many companies continuing or returning to test on animals (not to point fingers but shame on you...MAC and Estee Lauder). I can't wait to review everything and use Arbonne skincare and makeup on my clients!

I'm definitely head over heels about the RE9 Antiaging Skincare line. Zero irritation and clear glowing skin. I'm sold. Lol The foundations and primer are what really sealed the deal for me though. Beautiful soft finish that actually improves my skin, wears all day and even controls oil without overdrying.

I recently made a HUGE Arbonne cosmetic and skincare purchase and will be reviewing and testing their products on myself and other artists I work closely with. So far I have tried and love quite a few of their products. As with any line there are some products that can work well for others but just won't work for what I want. I'll be pointing out those in the future as well. 

I will soon have an enormous amount of samples (mascara, skincare, primer, eyeshadows, foundation, etc) so let me know if there is something you would like to try. 

Stay tuned for my Arbonne Makeup Haul videos and honest reviews of all the products! 

Eye Product Preview - Follow BotanicalBeauty

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